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Ballinger Restaurant Design Services

Ballinger Restaurant Design specializes in designing and overseeing restaurant, bar, school and hotel kitchen construction projects – keeping the entire process running smoothly and trouble-free.

Your First Step

So that we can help you experience completing a project as smoothly as possible, first we help you understand the process we go through when guiding a client through a construction project.

Below is a list of steps and services that we provide, including On-Site Consulting, creating Floor Plans, designing Mechanical Plans and other phases of a construction project. We also include specific examples of problems clients might experience and how we go about resolving these problems. We hope that this information will give you a better understanding of the design process and unforeseen challenges or roadblocks that may arise. Your improved understanding will help us work with you more effectively and ensure that your project run smoothly.

  • On-Site Consulting
  • Developing new projects in existing restaurants
  • Equipment choice
  • Floor Plans
  • Getting input from all parties
  • Mechanical Plans
  • Equipment specifications
  • Construction Supervision
  • Equipment Sales and Installation
  • School Projects

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